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Recent News

Cost drops to ‘open space’ in Chinese offshore wind for global firms

Fitch Solutions expects China to become the global offshore wind frontrunner over the coming decade

The Ramifications of Global Oil Demand Hitting a Plateau

Global oil demand will hit a plateau around 2030 as the use of more efficient cars and electric vehicles ends an expansion that dominated the past century, the International Energy Agency predicts. The prospect of “peak demand” has spread in the oil

The Future of Food Security

Professor Susanna Hecht (Professor of International History and Associate Faculty at the CIES) and Professor Tim Swanson (Professor of International Economics and Academic Co-Director at the CIES) started the discussion by highlighting how the curre

Why Even Saudi Aramco Is Now Talking About ‘Peak Oil’

The world is turning its back on oil. But how quickly? Technological advances in renewable energy and electric cars, accelerated by the threat of climate change, could mean the world’s thirst for petroleum tops out sooner than companies such as Exxo

Why Banning Fossil Fuel Investment Is A Huge Mistake

Activist global warming strategies have now caused the European Investment Bank to ban its fossil fuel project funding. After more than a year of internal and external lobbying by several EU member states and an ever-growing list of activist NGO and

Golf legend Greg Norman opens up about his relationship with disrespectful Tiger Woods

Greg Norman, 64, doesn't know why Tiger Woods ignored a hand-delivered note congratulating him for his comeback US Masters win this year but suggests the 43-year-old has never shown him much respect.

New stratigraphic constraints for the Quaternary source-to-sink history of the Amatrice Basin (central Apennines Italy)

New stratigraphic constraints have been detailed for the Amatrice Basin, an intermountain morpho-structural depression of the central Apennines (Italy) hosting up to 60-m-thick Quaternary continental deposits. Through the results coming from a 1:5,0

Geology and mapping of laterites South Eastern Desert Egypt: Based on field and ASTER data approach

The area between wadi Dungash–wadi Shait in the South Eastern Desert of Egypt comprises ophiolitic nappes structurally overthrust on island arc-related metasedimentary–metavolcanic rocks, which are traversed by several granitoids, gabbroic and basal

Petrogenesis of Early Devonian granodiorite in the Xiaobaishitou W–(Mo) ore district of East Tianshan Northwest China and tectonic implications: U–Pb geochronological geochemical and Sr–Nd isotopic evidence

The Palaeozoic intrusions of East Tianshan, China, are important for understanding the tectonic evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt. We investigated one such Devonian granodiorite, located in the Xiaobaishitou W–(Mo) ore district of the Cen

Amphibole perspective to unravel the rhyolite as a potential fertile source for the Yonaguni Knoll IV hydrothermal system in the southwestern Okinawa Trough

Yonaguni Knoll IV is an active seafloor hydrothermal system containing massive Zn–Pb sulfides located in the southwestern Okinawa Trough. Previous research has suggested that the metal elements Zn and Pb were dominantly derived from the local volcan